Sunday, October 22, 2006

Google's Reason for purchasing YouTube(a.k.a. Mastermind)!!

On of the Hottest and Biggest and latest transaction in the internet world which deals with the Google's outright purchase of YouTube the leading Internet video sharing Web site.The deal closed with a payment of $1.65 billion in stock.We wonder why google made such a move inspite of running its own video sharing site.These are the reasons for such a move made by google..

1.YouTube has become such a popular Internet video sharing site and has outplayed google videos in terms of popularity and service.

2.Youtube serves upto 100 million videos a day which is the largest in the Web world.

youtube google video

The graph explains the rest.we can see that initially in 2004 there were only google videos ,same case in 2005 and at end of 2005(period when YouTube Began)there was a steep decrease in the popularity of Google videos over the youtube till it became untouchable.

The comparision of the two can be seen .....

youtube google video

The chart shows that the people in different countries use Youtube more than google.Thus therefore inorder to gain dominance(which is the usual attitude of Google)the transaction took place.But in the other sense(the only thing we can think of)the YouTube being in the hands of google can be expected to expand more(with google riches)and provide more reliable service.who knows may be there will be they will mergge to form You-google or something lol!!,but there is a sure scope of expansion.


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Microsoft Fixes Record Breaking 26 Security Holes!!

Microsoft today issued a record-breaking number of security updates, fixing at least 26 separate security holes in its Windows operating system and other products, including 16 vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office and Office components.

By my count, this is the largest number of flaws Microsoft has fixed in one go outside of a Service Pack. Among the problems addressed in the ten patch bundles released as part of its monthly patch cycle are four flaws in Office, as well as four security holes each in different versions of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (one of the Word flaws is only present in the version made for Apple Macintosh systems).

The biggest problem with these Office flaws , aside from the fact that at least one of them is actively being exploited in targeted attacks against users , is that almost without exception they are most serious (or "critical") in the 2000 versions of each software title.

That's a big deal because plenty of people still use these older versions, and while users can get patches for recent versions of Office, Word, Excel and PowerPoint from the standard Microsoft patch sites - such as Windows Update, Microsoft Update and via Automatic Updates , people running Microsoft Office 2000, or standalone Word, Excel and PowerPoint versions cannot get updates for those products through the same means. Instead, they must add a second stage to their patching by heading over to the Office homepage and letting Office Update scan their machines.

Aside from the huge number of Office bugs, six of today's updates apply to fully patched Windows XP systems. Two of the updates also apply to "Vista," as the next version of Windows will be called, though Microsoft was not specific about where those flaws resided in Vista.

If I had to guess which flaws detailed today exist in Vista, I'd point to vulnerabilities Microsoft fixed in ".NET" - a Microsoft programming language , and its process for handling XML files (short for eXtensible Markup Language, XML is used to share data across the Web and over a variety of applications an operating systems and we are learning it currently in our syllabus).

The .NET flaw doesn't appear to be that big of a deal, but the XML bug is potentially very serious for all Windows operating systems. Microsoft said attackers could exploit this vulnerability to compromise Windows machines just by convincing users to visit a malicious Web site. This flaw could become widely exploited in the near future, as the bad guys begin reverse-engineering Microsoft's patches to zero in on the vulnerable code and create exploits to attack unpatched systems.

Microsoft also patched a flaw in Windows Explorer that criminals have been exploiting to compromise Windows computers over the past few weeks.

If you're a Windows users and don't receive patches via Automatic Update, fire up Internet Explorer and head on over to Microsoft Update and apply these updates. If you're using Windows 2000 or any of the individual Office 2000 components, visit to Office Update as well.

So get the update from Microsoft site and stay safe.Believe me one of my friends was a victim of this exploit and the result was play safe!!