Thursday, March 22, 2007

PlayStation 3 To Offer A Video Download Service!!

In an interview with, Phil Harrison, President, Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, said that it’s possible that soon enough PS3’s users will be able to download movies and TV shows from PlayStation Network.

Next month, on 23rd March, PlayStation 3 will be launched in the PAL territories of Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australasia at a price of EURO 599 (GBP 425, AUD 999.95, NZ 1199.95). Sony expects to have 1 million PS3 units available in Europe during the initial launch period and they also confirmed that initially only the 60GB model will be available - with the 20GB model to follow later in the year "dependent on demand".

There are over 30 games confirmed for the European PS3 launch line-up, including fully-featured downloadable games available on the PlayStation Network. This launch might be also a good opportunity for Sony to upgrade its PlayStation Network.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

NVIDIA Presents New Quadro Architecture!!

NVIDIA Quadro FX 4600, Quadro FX 5600, and NVIDIA Quadro Plex VCS Model IV. Armed with the largest increase in GPU power and functionality to date, these solutions are designed to help solve the world’s most complex professional graphics challenges.

Tackling the extreme visualization challenges of the automotive styling and design, oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, visual simulation and training, scientific research, and advanced visual effects industries, these new Quadro solutions offer:

  1. Next-Generation Vertex and Pixel Programmability—Shader Model 4.0 enables a higher level of performance and ultra-realistic effects for OpenGL and DirectX 10 professional applications

2. Largest Frame Buffers—Up to 1.5 GB frame buffers deliver throughput needed for interactive visualization and real-time processing of large textures and frames, enabling the superior quality and resolution for full-scene antialiasing (FSAA)

3.New Unified Architecture—Industry-first unified architecture capable of dynamically allocating compute, geometry, shading and pixel processing power for optimized GPU performance

4.GPU Computing for Visualization—Featuring NVIDIA CUDA technology, developers are, for the first time, able to tap into the high-performance computing power of Quadro to solve complex, visualization problems .

Additional features in the new Quadro solutions include faster 3D texturing and massive 8Kx8K texture processing for better performance when zooming and panning of high-resolution images; NVIDIA SLI technology for improved graphics performance; dual dual-link display connectivity; and NVIDIA PureVideo technology for outstanding picture clarity, smooth video playback, and accurate color and precise image scaling for SD and HD content. NVIDIA GSync and HD SDI options are also offered.

NVIDIA Quadro solutions are widely available through leading OEMs such as HP, Dell, IBM, and Sun; leading workstation system integrators; and NVIDIA channel partners PNY Technologies (US and EMEA), Leadtek (APAC) and Elsa (Japan).The Quadro FX 4600 has a MSRP of $1995 and the Quadro FX 5600 has an MSRP of $2999 !!!

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Monday, March 19, 2007

Kick Ass link for watching online movies,cartoons,Tv episodes ect....

I dunno how many of you have been fooled by those jerking links which says free movies for watching online and when you go there you end up with bull shits ,asking you for your Credit cards and stuffs.I have been fooled by these assholes sites many times ,and believe me its fu***** irritating.But lately i have stumbled on one of sites(which is basically owned by one of my forum mates)which offers free movies and cartoons and free Tv episodes.The site has currently about 2000 movies 6000 Tv shows and 3000 cartoons.You don't believe me,ok fine here is the proof of me watching the Fast and the Furious:Tokyo Drift ....
Movie Spider, is an awesome free movie on demand, web site that crals the net 24 hours, without human intervention, looking for the latest movies, tv shows and films.The streaming rate of the site is also very good and you get speed as in youtube or so.So get to the site right away and watch all the block buster movies anytime and enjoy!!

Click here to visit Movie spider!!

so keep the popcorns ready and enjoy the movies!!

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mysterious Game-Siezed by F.B.I

One of the most Mysterious game you have ever encountered being called"Evidence: The Last Ritual".How do you describe a game that isn’t really a game but is one part brain teaser and one part horror/suspense thriller? Well maybe I just did with the last sentence. Evidence: The Last Ritual is just that type of experience, one that offers some of the most challenging puzzles to solve while presented in a way that isn’t supposed to be a game. The actual “game” is really supposed to be a crime that you’re helping the authorities investigate.
To me the game offered a completely new experience when it comes to the defined point and click adventure game. Missing let gamers play the game themselves instead of being just a “character” in the game. The premise was that you were trying to help the authorities in the search of a missing Journalist and his companion by “playing” the game. The game was a CD-ROM that was sent to the authorities by a mysterious individual calling himself The Phoenix. The first game tried to make the investigation (the game) appear as real as possible by sending you emails and having you search the internet for clues to the Phoenix’s puzzles. The first game was a thrilling adventure and Evidence: The Last Ritual continues the same.
A cool game that landed in the hands of the authorities sadly.This game would have broken revolutions!!

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SPARKLE Unveils GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Graphic Card!!

SPARKLE Computer announced the availability of SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Graphic Card for mainstream market. SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE Graphic Card is the best choice for mainstream pc gamers who are seeking high DirectX 9 firepower and zero working noise.

Based on NVIDIA’s award-winning GeForce 7 GPU architecture, SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE graphic card delivers unparalleled performance and price rate to mainstream users. It completely supports Shader Model 3.0 feature set—including vertex texture fetch (VTF)—to ensure top-notch compatibility and performance for all DirectX 9 applications. SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE graphic card also delivers smooth, high-definition video playback and crisp picture quality thanks to its advanced NVIDIA® PureVideo technology. Its HD video functions include high-quality scaling, spatial temporal de-interlacing, inverse telecine, and high quality HD video playback from DVD.

Furthermore, SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE graphic card uses noiseless passive cooling solution with effective cooling performance. It features high efficiency heatpipe-based passive cooling system instead of conventional HSF. Helped with this incredible passive cooling design SPARKLE GeForce 7600 GT COOL-PIPE graphic card brings totally zero DB working surroundings to PC gamers.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Is your PC more powerful than this?

Take a look at this baby,running with AMD Quad Core,2 Nvidia 8800 GTX's Graphics card,10 fans,New case made by Nvidia,4gb of RAM.
This is a total powerhouse!!


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Sunday, March 11, 2007

TwinMOS Unveils TwiSTER DDR2-850 CL5 Over-clocking DRAM Module!!

TwinMOS Technologies introduced the brand new TwiSTER DDR2-850 CL5 over-clocking DRAM modules after previously announced TwiSTER DDR2-800 CL5 and TwiSTER DDR2-1066 CL5 last month. So the 3 kinds of overclocking modules make TwiSTER series are specially designed to meet the demanding hardware requirements of over-clockers, advanced game players, and enterprise users. The TwiSTER series is the highest quality product line from TwinMOS Technologies, featuring reliable data access at ultrafast speeds. Every module is made with selected original dies and high-standard production processes. More importantly, every module is tested to comply with the published specifications, and quality is controlled according to the highest standards.

Product features

· Ultrahigh frequency at 850MHz

· Low CL value to accelerate processing response time between module and CPU

· High-performance aluminum heat-sink

· High stability and reliability

· FBGA packaging assures better cooling and electrical characteristics

Oh man this is one hell of an improvement compared to its previous version of
DDR2-800 model and is a sure success in the out for it!!

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