Friday, May 30, 2008

Rome airport services

One of the places in Europe I love to visit one day is in Rome, Italy. I wanna see the Vatican City as well as experience the rich culture of the surrounding places. I heard from those that have been there already that Rome is really very rich in culture, tradition, architecture, warm people and awesome, scrumptious food. My cousin who lives in Germany who has been there attested to me that it is very nice there and they will surely go back there another time. Just by looking at pictures of Rome I am already bewitched and dazzled.Even if this plan is not conceived yet, I already search services to look into when traveling to Rome. I learned that if there is a private Rome airport transfer you can hire if you want to travel hassle-free. You can click and you can book this type of service. They offer a chauffeur driven airport transfer from or to any of the airports, Fiumicino and Ciampino, in Rome. So if you are going there for vacation leisure or even business, you can arrive in style. No more taxi waiting. The chauffeur will be at the customer exit waiting for you with your name. All their taxi drivers are very courteous and you can assure of an excellent, prompt service.

Cruise all the way!

Riding on one of those Christian Cruise had crossed my mind many times over the years. Especially when I think for my mom whom I think secretly wants to be on a Bible Cruises which I know would be an experience of a lifetime. I think anyone who has a strong Christian belief will at one point in their life wish to take a trip like those pilgrims. My mom had told me one time that one of our principal sponsors in our wedding who is also a neighbors of ours is taking that trip this coming July. It will indeed be a real sailing adventure like a once in a lifetime experience which I want my mom to have a chance to ride this cruise on a privately chartered luxury yacht.

This year it will start on July 19 up to July 26. There will be teachings on the Bible on board as well as on shore too on teachings in great settings plus in the amphitheatre where Paul the Apostle had spoken. This holy trip also includes a whole day visit to Santorini, the most beautiful island in the world. The cruise will depart from USA and arrives in Athens with a special trip with teaching to the Parthenon on July 19. Cruisers will get a teaching in the actual amphitheatre where Paul spoke to the Ephesians on the 22nd. Then on the 24th is the whole day tour at Santorini. I’d like to see this place for myself and see the most beautiful island in the world as it is being referred to. On July 26, cruisers will arrive back in Athens this morning. Riding in one of these Christian Cruises would indeed be a holy and memorable adventure in life.


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