Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Watch out for the spy!

Spy is a person who is assigned a task of watching/doing things without the knowledge of others.The word 'spy' generates the meaning 'stealth'.If 'I' was an spy my outfit will not be complete without an ultra flexible black spy outfit which helps me to merge with the shadows and protect my identity at all times.My accessories would include an helmet equipped with an Night vision,thermal vision for viewing in the dark.An light meter would be helpful for judge how much my body is exposed in the light.No spy is complete without an 32X Ultra zoom Binocular also equipped with night and heat vision.My weapons would include an Pistol with 5.7x28MM CARTRIDGES fitted with an Super suppressing sound silencer .My main Gun would be an Bull-Pup prototype with 5.56X45MM CARTRIDGES with an 1.5X optic zoom fitted with an silencer.This weapon would also include an Ejection port for AMBIDEXTROUS operation.Other accessories would include an portable spy camera for spying on enemy at an distance and to take photographs and videos silently.An Shocker bullet to fit my prototype gun would be handy for knocking off the enemy with a shock for a while.Flash Grenades may of great importance when spotted and trying to escape.

On my role as a spy ,my main technique would be to use stealth.This is the best way of completing an mission because assault may tend to reveal my identity. Night is the best time for spying as the suit camouflages me in the shadow's.It is better to Knock out enemies instead of killing them.On my opinion the best way to spy is to make use of the environment to the fullest and the important factor that determines the success of the mission is to leave no trace.

If you are a fan of such spying operations then you are in for a surprise.A brand new TV Series, USA Network's Burn Notice premiers June 28th starring Jeffrey Donovan,who is an spy and gets fired due to some unknown reason.He seeks to uncover the mystery behind his termination and helps to aid other people.

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Take a look at the history!

Websites that exist today are made of intelligent code with extreme graphics.The sites capability has grown with the use of in-site animation such as flash and swish.Ever wondered how the website would have looked in starting stages?

Internet Archives
is an Time machine which allows you to travel back in time and allows you to take a look at how the site was during early stages.Take a look at yahoo when it first cameout in 1996....

Cool eh..?Internet archives allows you to take a look at any website at different parts of the year from the year of it's creation.The basic function of this site is to capture different samples of a site at different intervals store and archive it for the future!

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

PPP Direct-a bliss!

Pay-per-post is the best and the fastest growing agency in it's field.The Introduction of PPP Dierct is another feather in the hat,well if you are wondering what is PPP Direct?It is an excellent feature that allows advertisers to directly select an publisher(blogger ect...) and assign post to write on,which cuts off the middleman and establishes one-one contact between the advertiser and the publisher.This is a great opportunity for the bloggers to obtain maximum outcome and there by making blogging a productive hobby.If you are wondering how much money PPP charges for the transaction,then you are in for a surprise.PPP charges only 10% of money you make out of which 5% goes paypal and CC fees.This is a million times better than some competitors like Reviewme which strips 50-60% of the
money you make.

Getting Direct in your site(blog) is quite easy,just visit PPP Tools and select the Direct option,you will be given a code and all you need to do is to paste the code in your site and you are all ready to receive direct posts.Here are some of the features of the PPP Direct...
One of the high level feature is the security it provides.Since in case of Direct the contact between advertiser and publisher is one-one the third person intervening is impossible which makes the transaction very safe.If you opt not to choose any post from an particular advertiser ,PPP provides an filter in which you can add the the advertiser you wish not to receive any posts from.Next great feature is the ease of use,advertisers are allowed to use their credit cards instead of paypal procedures(thanks to the Direct widget).You can get to know all the features
in this video here.

In general PPP Direct is a boon for bloggers to make lumps of money in a short time and helps to maintain one to one relationship with the advertiser and the publisher.There is no doubt that we can expect more of these tools in the near future!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Create your own search engine lol!!

Ever wondered how you can create your own search engine?Well here is a simple two step method to create one.here is how you do it...

* First go here
* Enter your name of search engine and the select a style and push the magic buttton.
* WWHHaaaaHaa you just made you won search engine cool......
* Set it as your home page and show your friends lol!


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hotel Reservations-For all your holiday needs!!

One of the Biggest problems that could arise in a Holiday tour is the choosing the right hotel.Many problems could arise if you approach the hotels directly as the price factor may change from country to country and it is very difficult unless you are familiar with the country's currency and stuffs.Other problems such as proper room service ,proximity hotel also plays a major role while choosing your hotels.

Take a look at this Service which provides Cheap Hotels at very reasonable cost.Hotel reservations provides cheap and excellent hotel bookings in more that 70,000 properties world wide.Here you can plan all your holiday trip needs like Hotels,motels,flight,cars,vacation packages,rentals ect...

Hotel's could be found and booked instantly just by entering country, city,check in/out time of the destination place.Once done everything is taken care off and you can directly go to the hotel with peace of mind.The service is avaiable in all these countries marked...
Flight booking is also just an click away.Tickets to your favorite destinations could be made easily by selecting the departure and the arrival city,# passengers.Flight tickets to almost all possible locations can be booked here safely.Great care is taken to provide you with the best of the deals at lowest rates.Vacation Rentals scheme is a boon to all of those who seek a perfect holiday.With vacation rentals you could book all the accommodation needs you want at the lowest prices on the web or if you are looking for All-in-one package then you can look into Vacation Packages. These provide you with facilities such as flight+hotel+car or Flight+car ,whether you want a single or two destinations ect...Once you choose a package then everything is done,and you can enjoy the trip without worries.

Hotel Reservations provides the cheapest accommodation solution on the web and you can save up to 70% on reservations along with great discounts . HotelReservations Provides Guranteed lowest rates (check link for more information about this feature).Another unique feature that distinguishes HotelResrvations from other booking agencies is the excellent Customer care support that they provide 24x7 round the year.It is even possible to book tickets via phone using their toll free numbers.

Enjoy great holiday trips at lowest prises!

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NVIDIA 8800 Ultra: the Disappointment Costs $829!!

Nvidia recently announced the debut of their most powerful graphic card, based on the 8800 Ultra GPU, but don’t hurry to grab one for the moment.
With the clear intention of countering ATI-AMD’s R600 threat, the Ultra 8800 is by far a disappointment when it comes to performance gain. For $829 you actually get between 10% and 15% more power compared to the previous generation of cards, the 8800 GTX.
The core architecture for the 8800 Ultra is exactly identical to the one inside 8800 GTX: 128 streaming processors and 768 MB of GDDR3 memory on a 384-bit bus. Even the GPU is built on the same 90nm technology. The only thing Nvidia can boast with at Ultra is the reduced power consumption (although a few watts less than an 8800 GTX is not enough to justify the skyrocketing price): the quoted power consumption for a GeForce 8800 GTX is 177 watts while for the new GeForce 8800 Ultra, running at higher clock speeds, the quoted power consumption is 175 Watts. Considering also that there aren’t yet games fully optimized for this DX 10 monster, and the fact that you also need at least the best dual-core available on the market (if not quad-core, which exceeds the $1000 level), I advise you not to spend your money on an Ultra just yet. Wait until Crysis comes out…

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Apple, AT&T stores prepare for iPhone frenzy!!

With a little over two weeks until the iPhone hits store shelves, Apple and AT&T retail sales representatives say they are preparing for a quick sellout and huge crowds on the June 29 launch date. As of Wednesday, clerks at Apple and AT&T stores here said they didn't know how many phones they would be getting for the big launch. Some blogs have speculated the number might be as few as 40 devices per store. One sales representative from the AT&T store in Times Square, who wished not to be named, said that number was likely on the low side, especially for stores in big cities like New York. He said the AT&T Times Square store received 20 devices for the recent launch of Research In Motion's Blackberry Curve. The store quickly sold out of those phones and received another shipment of about 100 Blackberry Curves the following day.
Rumors have been floating around recently that Apple is planning to create a temporary shortage of the iPhone to keep demand high. An Apple representative wouldn't comment on these rumors, but said the company is glad customers are getting excited about the product.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Meet MySKY!!

Ever wondered of exploring the universe?Here is a chance of a lifetime,Meet the coolest Gadget on the block Meade my sky.So what is Mysky? It is an super small hand-held point shoot and identify guide which takes you through the night sky like you have never seen before.In short mysky lets you get through knowledge of the universe than you can obtain just from observing or classes.here are some of unique features of mysky:

*Full motion colorful LCD Screen!
*take full control of Meade computerized telescope!
*easily understandable menus!

So what are you waiting for?Mysky is a full equipped all-you-need gadget and the whole family will like it and it can also serve as an unusual and cool gift for the loved ones.Intrested in more of these gadgets?then OpticsPlanet is the right place for all your latest technology needs.There are various instruments avaiable such as telescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, night vision's, and you also get free UPS on all order above $29.95, Knowledgeable Customer Service & Secure Online Shopping.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Samsung Announces Ultra-dense 16GB NAND Flash Chip!!

Samsung proudly announced that it’s the first company ever to begin mass production of world’s most capacious NAND flash chip (16GB), using the 51-nanometer manufacturing process.
Samsung’s success is not only related to the impressive capacity of the NAND chip, it’s also tied to the read-write speeds, which have been improved. Apparently, thanks to the new fabrication process, read-write speeds can be accelerated with up to 80% compared to the actual flash modules. Read speed for today’s multi-level cell (MLC) NAND chips is limited to around 17MB/s, while the new 51-nm technology boosts that speed to no less than 30MB/s, almost two times faster. According to Samsung’s statement, NAND flash memory reads and writes data in units called “pages.” The 60nm NAND flash memory is designed with a 2 KiloByte (KB) page size, but the 51nm 16Gb version can process data in 4 KB pages, nearly doubling the data rate. The product also maintains the same 4 bit error-correcting code (ECC) capability as that of 60nm NAND, allowing customers to use existing system interfaces with only minor firmware upgrades. Samsung achieved the milestone just eight months after it started mass producing 8Gb NAND chips using 60nm technology in August.
Samsung also expects the new revolutionary chip to enter the mainstream market by the end of this year. Profits generated by the NAND flash industry are expected to reach $21 billion by 2010.

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