Sunday, May 27, 2007

First Public Beta Of Windows Server 'Longhorn' Available!!

Three months after the launch of Windows Vista consumer versions, the Redmond giant unveiled the first public beta of the next edition of Windows Server, code-named Longhorn.
Microsoft also announced that the final version will be launched in the second half of this year.
The Beta 3 release of Windows Server "Longhorn" marks the beginning of the second wave of innovation to be delivered by Microsoft over the next year. Following on the heels of launch of Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system are Windows Server "Longhorn" and the next versions of Visual Studio, code-named "Orcas," and Microsoft SQL Server(TM), code-named "Katmai." These products will provide organizations with an advanced development and Web platform as well as streamlined data management and analysis, enabling infrastructure optimization.

In Beta 3, customers will see new features and enhancements that include stronger security, better performance, new server roles and features, and additional server management and remote administration tools.

New and improved features in Beta 3 include the following:

- Windows PowerShell is now included in the product.

- Active Directory Federation Services improvements allow customers to implement new policies and make it easier to set up a relationship between trusted partners.

- The Server Core installation option now comes with additional roles and enhanced functionality, such as print services and Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services.

- The Server Manager console includes additional remote administration tools to provide a more integrated management environment.

- Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, now on by default, provides a persistent and more secure environment beginning at installation.

- NAP is integrated with Microsoft Update and Windows Update to enable administrators to decide which updates are critical and set policies accordingly. It also has a new administrative interface for simplified setup, scalability and better performance.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Need For Speed Pro Street - First Look!!!

Thats right baby,the most expected NFS PS is hitting the stores this May, hav a look at this trailer....


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Free LimeWire PRO Download!!

LimeWire is one of the most popularly used P2P network.P2P is a type of sharing method by which two users can interact directly and share the files with a help of a tracker.The sender is called the Seeder and the receiver is called the Leecher.So users can use this software and share movies,songs ect...

In order to get Limewire Pro you need to pay $18.88. But by using this trick you can download them for free directly from the LimeWire site itself!!

For comparison between free and Pro version see the table.

Steps to Get the Pro version for free:-
  1. first go here.
  2. in that page click "Search".
  3. you will be taken to the download page.
  4. download and enjoy :)
enjoy with another fine release by the techie!

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Watch Spidy 3 right on my blog!!

Yup its good fast and easy, just push play and sit back and enjoy the whole movie spider man-3,the print and sound are pretty good!


enjoy the movie!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dell to introduce Ubuntu for Desktop Pc's!

Dell has announced that it would include Ubuntu as one of the options for the users to select while purchasing the notebook/desktop from the Giant itself.This news has come out two years after the initial announcement made by Dell chairman and chief executive Mr.Michael Dell while addressing the "Computer Business Review " on May 2005. This was a major step taken by the Software Giant in order to bring linux into the Desktop environment.Linux as such is an open source software ,which can be edited in any way by anyone(unlike windows) and can be redistributed legally(More info on Ubuntu and open source on Ramanujam's blog).

When a question arised on what family of linux to be used,Ubuntu V7.04 was clearly the "one".So as of May it is expected that about 130,000 system will be Preloaded with Ubuntu and 95000 with openoffice and about 70,000 promotions for Firefox browser(open source).So this new step taken by Dell is to make people aware of the advantages of the open source technology.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

USB sticks Legacy!!

Universal Serial Bus Sticks is "THE" founding of the century.Its small compact and portable which perhaps makes it the coolest one.It fits into a purse(where samba usually carries) and can be carried unnoticeable.USB sticks(storage devices) are referred to as just USB's due to the fact that these are the most frequently used devices of the universal bus family(remember USB which is a port is not the same as USB sticks).

Coming to the sizes of the Usb sticks ,they vary in sizes depending on the storage capacity of the sticks from 39x12x2 mm(which by far is the smallest in the world ) to the size of a handycam cassette(which can store upto 350 GB).Talking about the uses,I use it in my college to transfer movies that i download from college to my home(quite handy eh!!).One of my forum friends who lives in Canada was asked to visit the FBI office for some verifications there he happened to get hold of a computer and the next thing he did was plugged in his Usb and stole the "Top Secret Face Recognition Software which was developed specially for the FBI's" and uploaded it over the internet(how is that for an effective usage lol!).

Due to the recent craze for this little memory sucker there has been a steady decrease in the demand for DVD's which can be written only once unlike the sticks.The transfer speed of these sticks also very good and goto about 20mbit/s in very good computers ,and this is possible due to the introduction of USB v2.0 .