Monday, July 30, 2007

Hotel Reservations-for your perfect holiday!

One of the important things thats needs to be taken into consideration for a perfect holiday is the choosing the right hotel.It is very difficult to get information about the quality of such hotels at the destination,and factors such as proximity of the hotel and room services must also be taken into account.Hotel Reservations provides an complete solution for all your holiday needs.Apart from Hotels ,you can also opt in for great services such as Resorts , Motels ,flight,cars and vacation packages.Hotel Reservations provides great Hotel Discounts and you can choose from an mammoth range of 70,000 properties world wide.

Hotels can be found and booked instantly by entering country,city,check in/out time and you are all set for an perfect worries.The website also allows you to book the flight tickets just by choosing the departure and arrival city and the number of passengers.If you are looking for a full package then All-in-one package is the right scheme for you.It takes care of the whole plan from flight tickets to hotels and car travel etc...It also allows you to choose whether you want a Flight+car or Flight+hotel +car and you are in for a single destination or multiple destinations.It is possible to plan out the perfect vacation with Hotel Reservations!

By far this service provides one of the cheapest hotel accommodation's on the web ,and you can save up to 70% on reservations along with great discounts.This agency offers Guaranteed lowest prices on the internet and you get back the money if you find any services providing cheaper rates for the same plan(for more information visit the site).Another aspect which makes Hotel Reservations stand out is their Customer Care center, they provide an 23x7 customer service round the clock and can solve any of the customer queries.They also provide an option of booking the tickets via phone through one of their toll free numbers.So book the tickets straight away and enjoy a perfect holiday!

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Great Portable Appz site!

The portable appz are always preferable when compared to the full versions.These applications are made with minimal site but with full functionality as of the full versions.These are speciall made in a way that they occupy very less space in your computer.I have an portable version of Adobe Cs3 and its just 40Mb ,it has all the functionalities of the Bigger version which is about 600 MB.

check out this site for more of this cool appz --> Portable appz

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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Free E-Cards for your loved ones!

E-Cards are always special especially when you are in love! eRomance offers several categories Free E-Cards that you can send to your loved ones. You have cards for different occasions such as 'I Love U' ,'I'M sorry',Valentine's Day',Happy Birthday,Happy Holidays ect.. Each of the sections have a lot of cards to choose from, and the best part is that they all are animated ones.Though there may be several costly gifts, cards are much preferred and adored by women.

Another way to express your love in more romantic way is by using Virtual Flowers .Flowers have always been a friend of women and serves as a perfect way of telling your love.Virtual flowers are E-Cards with the lovely pictures of the flowers.Again here there are several categories to choose from such as lilies,roses,daisies.Each of the categories consist of various sets of e-cards with the chosen flower picture at the front.All of these services are brought to you at zero cost(absolutely free). What are you waiting for? Start using this free service and express your true love!

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Online Flash Game site!

I have always been an keen fan of gaming,especially those small flash games are quite fun to play.PC-Gamez is one of such sites which gives access to thousands of small flash games.There are several categories to choose from like sports,action,adventure,puzzle,arcade,shooting,strategy ect..The other advantage of the site is that you can submit your scores,once you play a game and get an high score ,then your score will be compared with other players score and whomever score the most will be awarded and their name will be put up on the site.There are also multiplayer games where players can fight against each other in real time!

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All about Loans!

It is absolutely impossible to make an outright purchase of any big commodity unless you have have been saving it for a long time,but in 95% cases this does not work out.In this constantly changing world it is very difficult to predict what we are going to buy next.The only solution for this problem is by getting an Loan.There are several types of loans like personal loans,Home loans,credit cards ect...

If you are in need of some immediate money for paying off debts,then personal loans is the best solution.But this loans comes with several interest rates and settling down on the correct rate that fits you is very difficult.Home equity loans has quite an fixed interest rates but are very difficult to get and you need to produce an lot of documents in order to get approved,the time span is quite long.I have had some personal experiences with loans.I took a personal loan few months ago for paying off the debts , and i had to pay a large amount of interest for it.It was manageable for few months but due to financial loss i could pay for a span of two months.This was marked as a black mark against me,on other words it prevented me from getting a further loans from that lender! So it is very important that you analyze your position and then select appropriate scheme that fits you perfectly!

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Saturday, July 28, 2007

OMG! What an Performance!!!

This video is a Must see! never in my life i have seen such an performance.All the credit goes to the choreographer. Prepare to see the the South Koreans go wild and exhibit some of the best coordinated efforts ever!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blogsvertise-make money via blogs!

Blogsvertise is one of the quickest way to make some handy cash.All you need is a blog,and you are all set to earn money.There are two main two main types of users who use Blogsvertise,one is the Blogger and other is the Advertiser.Advertisers lays the posts along with a set of conditions(mainly links to the site)and the job of the bloggers is to write the post including the advertiser requirements and once the post gets approved,the blogger is paid.In turn the advertiser's site blessed with loads of traffic which makes it an Win-Win condition. The process is very simple and it is a boon for bloggers and advertiser.Blogsvertise is one of the best agency on it's field with thousands of satisfied users.

One of the charming aspects of Blogsvertise is that it always maintains only the best offers and thereby helps bloggers to opt in for the best deals,ensuring an steady income.The payments are made as soon an post reaches deadline and are sent to the paypal account of the respective individual.On the whole Blogsvertise is the best solution for both bloggers for earing some money and the advertisers for generating quality traffic to their sites .Registrations is free so anyone can give it a try!

Great Art Wallpaper site!

Just stumbled upon this wonderful art wallpaper site.Each of the wallpaper has its own speciality and is unique in its own way....take a look

find more of these here.Each one can be got in different resolution to fit your desktop!There are thousands of wall to select from.There are also several categories to choose from.Each of the categories have several pics inside them.In addition you can submit your custom made walls ,and they will be displayed for downlaods!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CriticsRant-One stop for TV And Movie reviews!

Are you a crazy movie fan?Then search no further,CriticsRant is the one stop destination for all your Movie and TV needs.The users can get the latest movie reviews and can take part in movie discussions .The website reviews all the movies that have come out with detailed information about each of them along with their pros and cons.In addition to this the user can add his own opinions and comments about the movie.In addition to the movie review, tv shows are also reviewed which basically deals with the complete details about the current season of the ongoing TV shows.Apart from this CriticsRant also gives exciting offers,users can win DVD's just by giving their opinion on the reviews.

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Orkut Unplugged!

Is orkut blocked in your school/college? Well this site is an proxy site developed specially for accessing orkut for those who are unable to go to it directly.This site basically hides your identity from the server and acts as if some one in other part of the world is trying to access the site,so ultimately the server cannot recognize the false redirection and it takes you to the required site .So take full advantage of this site and start making some friends.

Visit the site here and enter the site name on the space avaiable and click go!

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Community for sharing knowledge!

Information technology plays an very important role in the growth of any nation.Today everything is controlled by computers and also will be the same in the future.So it is important for every individual to have sheer knowledge of IT.DiscussWeb is an online community where technology experts from all over the world gather and share their experiences with other technocrats.It is a knowledge heaven where you can ask questions directly to experts from all around the world and get possible solutions.

There are many areas in which you can you can get knowledge such as Web Development,Software Development,Software Quality,Marketing,Search engine optimization(SEO),Web Hosting,Computer hardware/OS ect...Each of this sections has many sub-domain which in turn have hundreds of threads,so you can select accurately which area you want to be in and go there.Apart from sharing technology and stuffs,one can use the Longue section for offtopic chat and its is a great place for making friends.

There is a great scope of up-gradation of the site ,which will make it a bigger place and can accommodate more Technology savvy persons! In this computer driven world it is important for everyone to have knowledge on computers and there is no better place to start than DiscussWeb.It is a boon for all the technology geeks present in this world!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

All the Networking books you will ever need!

Just wanted this wonderful ftp which consist of many Networking CCNA,CISCO you name it and you will find it here.There is also a lovely collection of OReilly books.All these books give very detailed information about the networking concept,and is mainly intended for all those who take up professional Networking exams such as CCNA ect... Other readers who have a keen mind to learn can also read these books.

Click here to go to the site.And open with Mozilla Firefox or IE 7

PPP -a boon to bloggers!!

Well my life was running aimless until my friend Ramanujam (who is also an PPP member) introduced me to this wonderful site .I'm quite a new user to this site ,been here for just an week or so,the moment my blog got approved here i had a feeling that something great is going to happen.The environment at PPP is electric and money making is quite easy!New opportunities are added in a regular basic which helps all types of users to avail the offers(people with /without PR ect..).Till now i had made quite a few money here which is very handy for my monthly expenses,and in the past i have had many ads which proved useless but i sincerely believe that having PPP advertise on blogs is the best way to earn money for people of all age groups.

One of the striking features about PPP is that it has got the easy understandable menu's with an excellent Help features,which gives detailed information about each and every option avaiable.Another striking features about PPP is the amount of people that use it,I have seen people making huge sums of money through PPP and also made friends with some and they give an very positive feedback about this wonderful site which encourages me to visit and contribute to the site more.

Another attractive feature of PPP is the referral programwhich pays $15 each time a we refer a person and his/her posts got approved.So i believe that PPP is the best way to earn some quick cash for all age groups and it is also a place where we can make some nice friends and expand our social circle!!

Since i have started using PPP i had a chance of continuous learning. Writing posts about various gadgets,softwares involves detailed learning of the entity,i get full knowledge about it and thereby exposing us to the new technologies that come out!

Loads of e-books and tutorials!

Just found this site which consist of a lot of e-books especially on computers and cool tutorials like "booting Windows XP from USB" ect...The other advantage is that once you open an e-bbok, an embed code is generated and you can use the code to put it on your site.Other than this you can upload your own documents and they will be viewed by Thousands.

Visit the site here

Monday, July 23, 2007

Reading Tutors-for academic groth!

Childhood is one of the important stages in a children's life because whatever they learn in that stage will stick with them forever.It is very important for parents to expose their child to the right level of education they need.At Score children are exposed to reading tutors which provides a step by step interactive reading process for the child until they can read efficiently and correctly.

Score has helped my son to read correctly and also thousands of other children who have difficulties in reading!

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Find anything using blogsearch!

Recently i have been using blogsearch and found that its one of the best ways to use for softwares and games.Its search engine is specially coded and implemented(still in BETA) by google to efficiently search all the blog listed under it's index!Is is very useful in findian anything,use it well.I will show a small demo on how to search...
1.Go to the site
2.suppose i wanna search for the game Lord of the rings, then type it followed by the server in which i want it ..say rapidshare! get it,its fast and simple

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coupon codes-for big savings!

If you are looking for an online store ,then Couponchief is the perfect place for you.Couponchief is a home to coupon codes and online coupons. There are more than thousands of stores and you could find anything at exceptional prices.The best thing about coupon codes is that it gives great discounts off retail prices,so you get very high quality product at very low prices.This online store holds only the very best and trusted stores,thereby providing you with the best deals every time.

One of the famous store is the Target coupons ,which provides exceptional discounts on commodities such as baby furnitures and other quality products.Recently "how to " screencasts have been added to show customers the procedure.

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Firefox 3: a sneak peak!

Firefox recognized as one of the best open source browser(fully configurable)has evolved through many stages.Branching out from Netscape Navigator,Firefox has made an significant progress in terms stability it provides and the customizability it offers.Now to add to the glory firefox 3 is going to be released soon,and it looks totally awesome!With an brand new engine and new security developments,it looks totally unbeatable.

Learn more about new features of firefox 3 here

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Innovative Tutors!

The best way one can attain significant academic progress is through interactive learning.At Score children from 4-14 are given an innovative experience through innovative tutor .The children are taught in a way that they will love ,hence learning becomes more enjoyable.Giving such an experience is very important for children especially at the early stages ,because it will help them in the long run.Score has helped many children to come out in flying colors ,theby making the parents very satisfied!

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Get Premium photos from for free!!

Webshots is one of the leading site filled with wallpapers.There are more than 489 million photos in that site and there are more that 200 categories to choose from such as entertainment,family,video,travel ect...In order to get all the photos you need an pro account.

Here is a little trick i came across which lets you get all the walls without being a pro member.

  1. Goto and select the wall you want to download(select anyone from 489!)
  2. when you click on the one you want you will be taken to a page,now copy the URL of that page(from the address bar). For example if want a pic of the "death valley " i click it and it takes me to the next page ,now i will copy the url of that page which is the url differs from pic to pic)
  3. Now for the final step(after copying the URL) go here.
  4. you will see a box below ,now paste the url you copied and click "GET it".
  5. Now you will be given another link just above the box.
  6. open that link in an new window and Waaahhhaa you get the pic,just right click and give save.the pic gets stored in ur comp and use it as a wall paper.
I hav mede this tutorial as easy as i could,so hope you enjoy another fine release by the techie :).

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Big savings via coupons!

Keepcash is an online coupon store providing the users with great hot deals at discounted prises.One can save a lot of money while using the online coupons .One of the best thing about KeepCash is that ,the site is regularly updated with latest deals in all fields from flowers to computer electronics,this ensures that customers are exposed only to the best deals that exist in the market and purchasing via coupon codes provides great discounts on retail prices.The website is absolutely customer friendly and helps people to find best deals.

One of the coupons store from the site (say) Dell Home coupons provides great offers on Dell products,there are great discounts provided and its a big saving for the customer.There various products in this store like Dell monitors,CPU's or even the full OEM from Dell.This is only an sample and there are thousands of stores that you can find.If you can not find any of the coupon ,then you can inform the site about it and the offer would be added soon and the expired coupons are removed regularly,thereby keeping the site efficient!This website has been a boon for online buyers ,by providing them with great offers and thereby saving them a lot of money!

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Download online vids!

Downvids is a great site for downloading vids from sites like youtube and google videos.You dont need any special software to download these videos,just go to the site and paste the orginal URL to get the video you want!There are also several formats you can choose to download,if you want it as an .avi or .flv ,but usually .avi is generally preferred as they can be played by any universal media player!

Visit downvids here

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best software deal!

Ashop Commerce is an excellent online shopping cart building software. It is an award winning shopping cart software that helps merchants to build an online store from scratch.This software is very interactive and helps the merchants to create Powerful ecommerce websites competing with one of the powerful sites of the world.You can customize the site according to your needs,accept credit cards online and you can integrate all the contents of an online store with few hours of work!You can sign up for an 10 day free trial.

Demo store allows you to try out and get to know all the functionalities avaiable in this excellent ecommerce software.Ashop Commerce has helped thousands of merchants to put up the online store and thereby earning them huge sums of money.The software comes at an very low pricing,and you can check the pricing here.In addition to the advanced features that are avaiable,Ashop Commerce provides good advices you need to improve your online business.Selecting this software also guarantees you an 100% search engine optimization and full fledged Technical team will be always behind your back to help you out.Ashop shopping carts have also been integrated with paypal for secure online transaction.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Will It Blend? - iPhone

Can you imagine blending your iphone in an mixer beater.Watch this to find out what happens...


Dream Team!

Are you a crazy American football fan?Ever wondered of creating a fantasy American football team?If so look no further,the American Fantasy Football League(AFFL) is the one stop for creating a fantasy team and compete for huge prizes.This is a boon to all those who loves fantasy sports .The AFFL is a virtual playground where players from all over the world compete against each other and battle for creating the best fantasy American football team.

The stakes are also quite high and the winner gets several thousand dollars.Check out the prizes for the 2007 season here.The event still in the initial period,so sign up quickly and battle out for huge prizes.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Last few pages of seventh book of potter!

These are the final few pages of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ,another novel spoiler :) !click on pic to see in full screen!

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Boon for bloggers!

If you are a blogger and looking for making some quick cash then Smorty is the buzz word.Smorty serves as a bridge connecting bloggers with advertisers.Bloggers can get paid to blog by writing opinion on topics hosted by the advertisers which link backs to the advertiser site.Smorty is one of leading agency in it's filed and is filled with exciting new opportunities every day.

Advertisers have a good chance of blog advertising ,and in turn its a good deal for the publishers to blog for money.Smorty stays on top as it keeps the highest and best paid advertisers on its disposal ensuring high revenue on the publisher side.You can earn more by using the smorty's affiliate program.Another excellent feature of this agency is that it allows the bloggers to select the advertiser and write selectively for them,the same is true for advertiser -if an advertiser wants to select a particular blogger to write it's contents it is possible.

Payments are made correctly as proposed and this aspect makes smorty a leading what you are waiting for join now and start making money.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Whats your website worth??

Ever wondered what your website is worth?Here is an simple way to find out just go here and enter your website URL in the space below and click submit.You will get the value of your site in accordance with the Yahoo Developer network.You can also embed it on your site using the code given there.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Scanshell's Portable Scanner!

The ScanShell's new 2000N(2000NR) portable scanner is the one stop for all your scanning needs.Its a mobile A4 color scanner which is weigh just about 390g and can be carried along with your notebook easily,best suited for professionals who needs technology on the go.If you are to use it with an desktop,it would take very minimal space.

One of the biggest advantage of using this portable scanner is that it needs no external power.It is powered by a USB 2.0 port connection,this helps to reduce the power consumption.All you need to do is to push the 'launch' button and the application runs instantly.It scans at an high resolution of 600 dpi high resolution.

The scanner is very portable and handy and can be used by anyone and need no expertise to use it.Bundled software includes DocShell- an application that outputs the scanned document in user's required format such as . PDF, . JPG .Other formats supported are BMP ,JPG ,TIF, PSG TCX, PNG, TCA .The DocShell has an easy to use interface and can be used by just anyone .Other bundled software includes Scan2Contacts which is an business card scanner for the Ms Outlook which is used scan business card contacts directly to your Outlook window.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

100GB music FTP!

just found this huge ftp site of more than 100GB english music of all kinds like classical orchestra ect..for more go here. enjoy