Monday, December 31, 2007

Wii Stay fit!

With the introduction of the Wii stay fit kit in Japan it has become so much popular and is an family entertainer.The Fit kit is an excellent fun device which can be used to perform exercises and is an total family entertainer.Son it will be introduced in the United States and is expected to be an big hit.So do get one if you have an wii!

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online backgammon

The is the best site to play online backgammon. With its easy to use website, it is just the game that takes focus rather than navigating to even begin the game. This site also lists all the updated rules of backgammon. This site is one of the top casinos online. The backgammon online is safe because of the safety features like digital encryption. Online backgammon has become simple and hassle free because of start now and play backgammon.

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silver price

Monex is recognized as America’s largest buyer and seller market for precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Gold bullions are being sold for investors and is universally accepted to be traded or sold. The three forms of gold bullions available are 10 ounce bar with a purity of 0.995, a 32.15 troy ounce bar with a purity of 0.995, and for others who do not want anything but the best, the 10 ounce bar with a purity of 0.9999. Silver bullions are known for its strength, malleability, its electrical and thermal conductivity, and is being used in the industries. The silver bars are being sold as 1000 ounce silver bars and 100 ounce silver bars. The silver price being considerably lesser than gold and with its advantages of heat resistance, these bullions are being sought out greatly by industries.

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Antivirus too slow to catch up?

Malware is an software created to damage the computer without the knowledge of the users.There are various softwares being designed to counter these malware threats.But it seems that the creation of these malwares by hackers are too rapid when comparisons with the development of solution for it.But these are required for anti virus software development people to develop their product,however people must be careful and stick to strong data security.

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Meet the seo expert

Are you having an website and want to improve its quality?Then you have come to the right place.Traficare is an place filled with seo specialist,who can help your website get into shape.These seo expert are professionals and they exactly know what needs to be done in orfer to keep up your website running with quality traffic.This seo company has been there for quite an while serving thousands of happy customers.So start now and get and given an instant boost to your website performance!

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Australia Censoring Internet?

Australia has recently announced to the Aussie ISP's to block several of the websites.This is an step was taken quite some time back by the Chinese where many of the porn sites were blocked by the Chinese government.Now the Australians joins the treaty of censuring the Internet.This tep taken by the government may cause an big "no" among the power surfers!

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Choosing the right card!

This is an competitive world and there are several services offering credit cards at low rates,but the problem arises as to choose which one that suits you the best. is an website dedicated to credit cards,here we can compare and analyze different cards and choose the best one that fits our budget.You can apply for all types of credit cards,reward card and even people with an bad credit have an long range of options to select from.If you are an businessman then you can take a look at the various Credit Card For Business plans,and compare the best among them and select it.You can get best deals on Low Interest Credit Cards and then choose which is the right one for you from that selection.So start using this feature right now and enjoy an hassle free life.

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Schedule Everything

If you have taken up an part time job at an restaurant,then you might have noticed that scheduling can be quite an tricky one.You need to call up to the restaurant every time and need to ask your schedule.Schedulefly is an online scheduling software which helps you to perform employee scheduling with great ease.This is very useful for restaurant scheduling where the staffs will be automatically informed about their duty timings.In addition to this,they can go online and add the contact details.This product comes with an 30 day trial offer.So get it now and and have an hassle free scheduling!

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Airtel's new plans

After the introduction of the 8Mbps plans in major cities,Airtel which is one of the largest provider of Broadband in India has brought into light many new broadband schemes.Probably the only sad factor is that they have removed the Night unlimited downloading plans for all new connections.Here is a look of the new plans available.

People in India have started to realize the power of broadband and they urge for more speeds.Power users would prefer unlimited plans but they are quite costly,so if Airtel needs more customers they need to try to bring back those cheap night unlimited plans!

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Gphone in FEB?

It now certain that the Google will be releasing its own version of mobile phone,but it is just the waiting period.Now there are several rumors that the Google phone or the gPhone will be debuting on the second month of the new year.It is expected to cause an craze among the teens for it popular interface ad easy to use one click touch internet.

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Great poker site

Poker is a game that is played by realizing a person’s odds of winning or losing the hand. With that being stated, not everyone can become experts in playing Texas Hold’em from the very beginning. Magic Holdem poker odds holdem calculator does the calculations of odds of a win, designed by professional poker players themselves along with award winning statistic experts, with this the odds of winning online poker just got simpler even for calculator shows all your stats and expectations out of an round.

Medical Assistant Training

When thinking about a medical career what everyone primarily wants is a right school that will train and shape individuals to become the best in fields including the medical office manager, the dental assistant, an ultrasound technician, a radiologist, nurse, massage therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapy, pharmacy technician, medical laboratory technician, therapeutic health technician, diagnostic medical sonography, licensed practice nurses, natural health practitioner, and much more. Along with the training being offered the school must also hand out valid certification for the students upon finishing the course. With the ever increasing demand for nurses, radiologists, and others, we should chose the right school to guide us find the job that is both interesting and what our heart desires. Medical Assistant Training Schools provide up-to-date information on certifications and medical assistant schools be it online or on campus. The medical assistant training programs that are being offered are the most updated and professional. The medical assistant schools understands the need for well trained healthcare professionals and provide courses that include insurance billing and coding, phlebotomy, medical transcription, ultrasound/sonography technology, pharmacy, healthcare administration, and many more. The medical assistant programs are targeted to provide quality healthcare professionals to meet the ever increasing demand

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iTunes Tutorials

have you got an iPod and need some help with the iTunes interface and know about all its great features?Recently the makers of the iPod,Apple has let out an tutorial to help all those with the iTunes interface.The tutorial is well built and is made in an very interactive way such that everyone even the beginners can understand.So get the tutorial from the Apple website and make use of all the great features of the iTunes.

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Great Insurance

In today’s world we all know what important role insurance plays in our daily life. With many, many insurance companies going in and out of business, it is imperative that we chose the right insurance company to help us out just in case something unfortunate comes up. Advantage Term Life is a pioneer in life insurance policies that include Universal insurance. The main differentiating factor is that Advantage Term Life has policies that include group life insurances, Family Insurance, and much more. Advantage Term Life also covers the most important men in a business such as the CEO, accountants, owners, the presidents and the vice presidents with a plan called Key Man plan. Advantage Term Life also has a separate plan for smokers because getting a life insurance policy is very difficult for them and is often expensive. Advantage Term Life has plans that cover mortgages and in event of an untoward event, help the family deal with the repercussions. Advantage Term Life also has group plans that cover employees with a great deal of discount in otherwise rather expensive insurance policies. Advantage Term Life has also this great Cash Back Premium Insurance where the person gets back his total amount put into his life insurance in the event that he is alive when the policy expires. Advantage Term Life has Online Insurance Policy wherein we can select and get Insurance Quotes for the category of plan that best suites us from the comfort of our home.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Dad sells his son's Guitar Hero III for $9000

We have heard of many wild ebay stories,such as sale of abandoned nuclear bases and much more,this is one such kind of story,which was quite funny but is an eye opener for all the parents.The story is completely put up with the ebay auction so does not need any special referencing or quoting here.But one must accept that,he is one lucky Dad for selling an $90 game for $9000 lol!Here is an link to the closed bid on the ebay page.

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Online Learning

A few decades ago the concept of Online Learning was not possible due to the distance factor preventing the learning to take place.But the internet has brought the world more closer and has given rise to a valuable concept of online education.Now you can apply to any top universities offering an online degree and study from your home irrespective of your location.If you have chosen to pursue an online education,then Capella University is the right choice for you.It offers more than 104 graduate and undergraduate programs and 15 certificate programs.This excellent university strives for providing high quality education to all its 20,000 plus members.The University is highly ranked and is accredited by The High Learning Commission and is an active member of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.So this is the right place for you to get an online degree and have an great opening in life.
*This blog post is based on information provided by Blogitive.

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

firefox 3 beta 2 released

It is an happy news for all the Mozilla fans out there,an new version of the Mozilla Firefox 3 beta 2 has been released on December 18th.It is packed with an whole new features such as the improved security features,richer personalization look,and many more performance upgrades such as good management of the data space and efficient utilization of the resources.Get it now and give it an test run and enjoy all the great benefits.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Microsoft slashes Xbox360 prices in India for the holiday Season

At last some good news for all the Indian gamers.The new prices tags are

Xbox 360core with 2 games(Viva Pinata and Froza2)=RS.14990

Xbox 360 core only(w/o games)=RS.10,585

Xbox pro with 4 games(froza 2,viva Pinata,PGR3,Yuvraj singh cricket)=Rs.23990

xbox 360 pro without games=Rs.15,380

This is all a great news for all the Indian gamers out there.Get an console for this Christmas and enjoy the holidays!

Note:Just now found that,this offer is available only till Dec 31st!

More Info here

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Las Vegas Hotels

If you are looking for an exciting holiday,then Las Vegas is the right place for you.It is an city filled with great luxury hotels,night clubs,bars and it is almost like that,the city never sleeps.Finding an right hotel may be an serious problem in Las Vegas if you are new to the provides cheapest Las Vegas Hotels and the ones that offer great hospitality and excellent customer service.You can select your range of hotels according to the price and on conforming,you are granted with an room.This service has been established for an long time and provides great flexibility to its users.So start now and book an room at the hotel you want,using this excellent service.

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PS Network cards coming!

Many might have been worried about not having credit card to make an purchase for your PS3 or PSP.You dont need to worry anymore as the Playstation Networking cards are coming.These cards will allow you to purchase or redeem your card for PS3 or PSP products on the store.These are initially scheduled only for the United Stats and will hit the market sooner than expected.

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Google's version of Wiki coming?

Not many has noticed it but its happening,Google is inviting people to write about the domain of their expertise.Google has said that this would contain info about every thing and every one.This is quite similar to the Wikipedia,which exist for the same reason.So it is an early warning symbol sent by Google to other open encyclopedia sites.It will be interesting t o note the future changes.

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historical options data

If you are interested in stocks,then it is important that you keep yourself updated.In order to make some money,you need to be aware of the latest changes in the stock market world.PowerOptions is all the materials and data you need to invest on the stock market.One of their best development is the SmartSearchXL ,which allows you to compare, analyze and make the best out of stock trading options.This tool alloys you to search on historical options data using which you can search the past history.This tool ensures that you get the maximum output out of the investments you make.It lets you choose from an wide range of more than 2900 optionable stocks over 190,000 online options for you to invest and make big money.While analyzing the stocks,the tool brings together all the data,options that you can choose from,thereby vesting the power in your hands!


Tomb Raider saga continues

Play magazine,which is one of the popular magazines available for gaming,has reported about the next version of the Legendary Lara Croft's Tomb raider.Continuing the trails of the "TR-Legends",the next title is expected to be much more realistic and breathtaking.The game will be released next year on the Pc,PS3 and the xbox 360 platforms.It an treat for all the TR lowers.

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Playstation Magazine lists top 10 games for next year

The Playstation magazine,which is released by the Sony itself and deals all about the games and stuffs that happens in the playstation world,has let out its list of top 10 games that are sure to be an great hit in the new year.Undoubtedly MSG4 takes the 1st place followed by Little big planet and GTA at 9th.Here is the complete list of top 10 games for next year...

1. Metal Gear Solid 4
2. Little Big Planet
3. Killzone 2
4. Gran Turismo 5
5. FallOut 3
6. Dead Space
7. The Agency
8. Ghostbusters
10. Pro Evolution Soccer

Saturday, December 15, 2007

cab protector

If your job is to carry heavy stuffs in your truck,then cab protector is the best protector for you and your truck.There are many options available such as the light brackets, rear bars and tool box brackets which can serve as an addon for your cab guard.There are many other Internal and External Accessories that you you can opt for and can make an grand customization of your vehicle.They provide an Same day shipping for most of the places within the United States,and its 100% customer satisfaction that they strive for.It is the best place to get all your vehicle parts at very low prices.So if you have decided to buy protectors or any other accessory,then this is the right choice for you.

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Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters coming for PS2??

Gamestop let out an thread saying that the Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters would end up on the PS2 console early next year.Now these sort of things have started becoming common with Sony,the games intended for PSP are being re developed for the PS2 consoles.Not to forget the GTA Liberty City that ended up like that.With this,the sales of the PS2 consoles is expected to go up a lot more in these holidays.

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Wii problem,an big problem

It small white and looks cute,but sure delivers an packed punch.Yep its Wii what i'm talking about!The console is being sought out with rage and still many find themselves unlucky.The Nintendo could not keep up with the demand of the people.Its so cheap and serves as an perfect gift for all reasons and seasons.Nintendo's inability to keep up with the demand is actually costing the company an huge sum of $1.3 Billion,the analyst says.

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VoIP Call Center Phone Systems

Do you want to create your own VoIP Call Center Phone Systems?If so dont woryy,because Xpander Communications provides an easy solution for this.The traditional way of creating this system will involve enormous amount of capital and man power.But by using this excellent service,you can overcome all those difficulty with much ease and create an excellent working system.Nimbus VoIP Call Center can be setup with an span of a week and the greatest benefit about this is that,it needs no additional money to add new connections.By using this you can eliminate all the labor cost and maintenance cost.So if you have decided to go for VoIP,then there is no better choice than this.

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GG client-the best client for Warcraft/CS

I have always wanted to play warcraft online with my friends nearby,but nothing really worked till today.I found an excellent program called GG-client which bridges the connection between two computers just like an own lan and allows you to play.This days i would remember forever where i started playing my favourite game online.It also allows you to play other online games such as Counter strike and quake!

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Sony's global Ps3 sales reach 11million

Sony spoke out that its global PS3 sales has touched more that 11 million by the end of this year.Ps3 was the last console on the queue and created quite an hype amongst the gaming fans.The sales of the console increased several folds after the introduction of the newer 40 Gb PS3 consoles.Now the Sony is fast catching among the other consoles.So there is no surprise if the sales go up by more folds!

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W South Beach Condo

Florida is one of the best places in the world.Especially W South Beach is one of the most luxury struck places in the whole of the United States.W South Beach Condo are among the finest condos with all the world class facilities.If you are trying to rent or buy out an condo is the right place for you.They are into real estate for many years and have been known for creating an Win-Win conditions for both sides.The customers they serve have given an positive review about the service that they offer.So start now and get a good deal with this organization and get a nice condo with Miami beach at the background.

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PS3 will get certified Divx functionality

Recently the December firmware update for the Xbox 360 has added the Divx feature to the console,soon after that Sony announced that PS3 will be getting the Divx functionality.But unlike 360,it will be Divx certified.This means that it will be able to play all kinds of Divx films and clips.This will help the game developers to compress their in-game movie and put less stress on their consoles.

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Friday, December 14, 2007

When will Demonoid return??

Well it has now been some days before the private tracker was shut down,but no one around has an clue as when it will rise up again.This was one of the popular torrents website and was running smooth until ,the CRIA threatened the ISP of the torrent site to kick them out.Now their major problem is the hosting.Since they have tried both Netherlands and Canada where they were chucked out,there is an severe hunt for hosting of their servers.


wholesale calla lilies is a site that offers wedding flowers, centerpieces, arrangements, and huge six foot roses. They provide great quality beautiful flowers for an affordable price. They provide hydrangeas, daisies, roses, wholesale calla lilies, gerbera and even greens. They provide fresh cut flowers that are shipped in overnight and so the flowers are always beautiful and totally fresh. They provide in addition to petals bouquets, centerpieces, flower package for weddings, bridal bouquet, corsages, bridesmaid bouquet, and even boutonnieres. With the help of an expert team, the bride can look and choose what sort of bouquet she wants for her wedding. The offers great value for money because they do not deal with wholesalers and retailers and rather gets all the flowers directly from the farm. The order can be placed for large weddings as well as small private affairs. Apart from weddings, they also cater to restaurants, hotels, and even private families.

COD for Wii gets it all

I have played this game myself in the PC and was quite surprised to see the amount of grapgics integrated in the game.The good feature here is that,even on my PC running on 6200 graphics card,i could get the game going on smoothly.The game play was superb and the graphics rocked.This was released on multi platform and out of those ,the version released for Wii has topped the US charts for the month of November.Accoding to the website it has sold over 981,000 units in the past month.This is an huge amount and it retains its place in the number 1 spot.

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Microsoft sets Hyper-V Beta on the loose

Yes it is true and was quite unexpected one.Yesterday the software giant let out the much expected Hype -V features,a feature with some version of Windows 2008 Server.This came in as an early holiday present.Using this one can plan the organization goals and other aspects to precision.The RC1 is available for download here.This is a great chance for all to try out the new power packed version.

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Sea World Tickets is a site known to offer discounted price for a number of attractions that includes the Disney World, the Universal Studio tickets, the Island of Adventure tickets, the Sea World Tickets, the Busch Gardens tickets, the Orlando Flex Tickets, Blizzard Beach at Disney tickets, Typhoon Lagoon at Disney tickets, the Kennedy Space Center tickets, the Blue Man Group at Universal, and so on. The traveler can choose from a wide variety of package tickets starting from one day to 10 days. With Walt Disney World’s multiple theme parks and water parks, they also offer tickets for discounted rates to better enjoy without spending too much on tickets. At Sea World Tickets there are also special limited period offers like the second day free for the purchase of a one day ticket. Overall, enjoy the best Disney World has to offer with discount tickets from

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Erase your search history using AskEraser

Usually many search engine does not allows the users to erase the searches they have made in the recent past.While for some people,this may seem quite useful as repeating searches can be done easily, for some others its quite annoying.Users who search for sensible things don't like the words to be popped out automatically.So keeping this in mind,Ask has designed an new tool called the Ask Eraser which allows the users to erase their search history.This is quite an useful tool for certain group of people who do not wish to see their previous search results.

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Excellent Finance

Loans have become inevitable in this modern world.The flow of money is too rapid and it has come to an stage where borrowing money is necessary.Provident Capital Corporation has emerged as an trademark in the financial fields.There you can avail all kinds of tailored loans and mortgages for getting some quick money.The company has offered money for many people at crucial stages thereby contributing to their growth.Start now and get some quick assistance using this excellent service.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Men or women?

Who do you think is more powerful Men or Women?Then prove it in the battlegrounds of Dead or Alive 4.The battle of sexes is going to an whole new level in this weeks Championship Gaming Series in Los Angeles.The winner gets Katana sword and can enjoy an free trip to Tokyo.So select an hero of your Sex and fight for the title.

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Orlando Holiday Villas

Lowery’s for the past 50 decades has been dedicated in sales and rentals of Florida properties. They offer to vacationers pool homes, condos, town houses, and much more. They perfectly interpret and match each client’s requirements to the best possible rental.Orlando Holiday Villas are beautiful luxurious villas that are the most preferred. Customers have the option of looking through brochures online and deciding on the apartment of their choice. To suit each client’s comfort level they have three, four, and five star accommodations with the three star offering the best value for money and the five star being the most luxurious. They have a dedicated team on call to assist with the booking inquiries.Lowery’s also has a list of the best places to visit in Florida online and with their extensive service they pamper customers and make the whole stay memorable.

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Analyst predict that game sales for November crosses 1 Billion

According to next-gen,an little prediction given by the analyst says that the number of games that were sold in the past month crossed over 1 billion an tremendous record.When estimating the individual sales it was noted that about 770 million games were those contributed by PS3, Wii, 360, PSP and DS.The Wii leads the overall gaming sales followed by xox 360 and PS3.The approximate predictions are as follows.
Wii - 950,000 (1,060,000)
Xbox 360 - 750,000 (728,000)
PS3 - 420,000 (410,000)
PS2 - 485,000 (n/a)
PSP - 650,000 (468,000)
DS - 1,350,000 (1,300,000)
GBA - 170,000 (n/a)

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Behind the scenes of delay of GTA 4

The delay of the much expected GTA 4 has been delayed ,has disappointed million of its fans.But the delay on the other hand poses as as serious threat to the Take-Two.There are a lot of outstanding stocks and this might be an serious threat to the future of company.If the game releases on due date,it will sell probable 8 million copies or more which may turn the tides and give an bright future.If not only god know what the future of the company would end at.

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ESET smart security

Software Security Solutions is a top class computer security software. With extensive testing they have come up with the best computer security system that provides security against spyware, malware, exploits, antivirus and so on. Software Security Solutions also have a Layered Security Solution that is a mixture of computer security and internet security products. They have come up with ESET smart security that detects and removes malware quickly and shields from future attacks. ESET Smart Security is an antivirus, an antispyware, antispam, and a personal firewall put together as one neat package. In addition to this they also provide individual antivirus packages. They have a great spam blocker to protect e-mails, blocks spyware that collects personal information, and also provides incoming and outgoing internet security, and exploit prevention. The best feature of all, they do not slow the system at all.

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Unreal Tournament tips and tricks out!

One of the best graphic game and one of the most expected game for the PS3 console,Unreal Tournament 3 is getting released tomorrow.With the release of the game,one of the Art developers of the game at the Epic studios has let out some useful tricks on playing the game in the playstation blog.Here is the link to the tips and tricks.

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Halo 3 sets another Record

Oh my god is this over or not?huh the titles keeps on coming for the reputed Halo 3 game.The game which was developed by Bungie Studios and released by Microsoft has gained yet another name for itself.This time the game was awarded as "Times best game of 2007".The game play is outstanding and quite addictive.Only God know how much more titles this game is going to acquire.

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San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath provides legal services for a wide range of legal issues ranging from vehicle accident claims to personal injury. They investigate and work with clients for settlements. They assist in motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, construction site accidents and personal accidents. Their specialized practice area include wrongful death, sexual assault, traumatic brain injury, business litigations, defective products, permanent disability, and much more. They prepare and present cases and work on getting maximum financial settlements. With a dedicated team, San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney fights the system on our behalf and makes sure justice is served. They also help out by collecting their fees after a case is won or settled thereby making themselves open for all classes of people to approach them for justice.

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Dell Unleashes first of its kind tablet PC

Dell introduced the first ever version of its tablet Pc's.This effort is taken to keep in mind that the business men needs more flexibility and portability.The tablet pc is fitted with 1Gbyte of memory and a 1.06GHz Intel Core 2 Solo ULV processor 2100.It is also fitted with an 40 Gb hard disk for storage.The pc is quite entertaining and we can be sure of more of its kind soon.

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Wii gift feature is now avaiable

Cheers to all the Wii fans and owners out there.Now you can share your games with your friends that have been bought via the Wii shop channel with your friends.All you need to do is to choose the gift option,and in the resulting window choose the friend you want to share your game with.This feature was announced about two months ago but now put into practice.

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Telemarketing Lists

Martin Worldwide is the leader of mailing list providers. They have a huge database of Telemarketing Lists that is the result of carefully acquired customer data from over a decade. They have a dedicated team working on expanding their already huge database. Martin Worldwide’s most sought after product is the ResponseCom, a consolidated list of data that gives maximum hit rates for small and medium sized businesses. Martin Worldwide with its impressive database of over 290 million records, they help most Fortune 500 companies reach their sales targets. They also provide a free quote for your particular advertisement campaign. They have an enormous experienced team who can guide small sized business. With its comprehensive and consolidated database providing a perfect backbone, it is easy to meet sales targets no matter how impossible they might seem to be.

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Backgammon world

One of the most played games as of today in the inter net is backgammon.Mister Gammon website is well maintained and provides great information about online backgammon tournaments that are played for both money and for fun.This is the best place in the earth for getting all the information about backgammon online.So visit the website right now and be an winner in the backgammon.

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Private scrapbooks in Orkut introduced!

For some time at least here in India,Orkut has been the talk of the town.There has been quite a few incidents and murders that have taken place because of one's ability to see others scraps.To counter this the Orkut users are now given a chance to choose whether they want their scrapbook to be shown in public or just to their friends.This step taken by orkut would help resolve many problems.

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Professional Web Hosting

If you are planning to start an online website for business or personal,it is important that you choose the best web hosting.This plays an major role in satisfaction of the visitors who are entering the website.If the website is not fast and not up to the mark,then the users may get disappointed and may not visit the website provides professional web hosting service for all your hosting needs.There are many plans available for small business web hosting and large business web hosting.This service provides all the tools you need to start an website immediately and start earning big profits.The setting up of the website have been never easier,with an attractive control panel and exciting user information guide,good looking websites can be set up in an minimal time.

The service provides robust network services which allows your website to load much faster thereby avoiding sluggishness.They also provide you with an large amount of disk space,which allows you to use high rich multimedia content in your website.The company offers an excellent customer service round the clock,and their experts will be glad to help you out at anytime.All these features are available for an small price.So get started now and build an attractive website in an short time and start earning money!

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Microsoft Office Live Workspace goes Beta

Just imagine, if you could access all the Microsoft office tools such as Word,Excel,Access wouldn't it be great?The software giant is rolling out copies of Office Live for public Beta.Using this,you could (say)create an word file in your computer and can publish it securely on the internet on your account(account will be provide to you when registering) and you can open the file remotely and continue working on it.The beta version will be available to those who have pre-registered their copy here.

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Best hotels is a site dedicated in finding good rooms at great cost. Now this great site has also come up with a Spanish site to help travelers who do not speak English or prefer not to converse in English. This online site is user friendly and easy to navigate. They also have a customer service center for additional assistance. These sites also offer holiday discounts and last minute deals. They are also tied up with Hertz, Amtrak, and Bill Me Later that provide additional value for money and makes it the preferred choice of Vacaciones Hoteles. There is also no cost for booking or in the case of cancellations. With, one can expect the best deal for the best places.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

holiday fun

Its almost Christmas time and holidays are around the corner.If you plan to go to some destination on your holiday, then Hotel Reservations is the right place for you.This website offers all sorts of holiday services such as hotels,resorts,flight tickets,cars and many more.They will find the best hotel at lowest prices to fit your budget.So start now and book with this great service when you plan to travel next plan.

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Google Web appz for iPhone

The Google's new web appz has been made available for iPhone and iPod Touch.The appz package will allows easy access to Google services such as google search,calendar,mail,spreadsheets and more.Apart from these you will find latest news,exciting games weather report and much more.Now people can access the Google services much easily with an single click with the help of these set of applications.

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Best Finance

In this fast paced world,it is really difficult to survive without borrowing money to meet our needs and expectations.Thus Loans have become an integral part of our lives and have become an necessary.Financial depression can also be due to the Bad Credit Credit Cards, that we have is one of the country's biggest finance provides who saves your time and money by providing you with great financial offers.They provide good credit card offers,Personal Loans ,Unsecured Personal loans and much more.The biggest advantage is that you can apply for it online and they process your online application freely and issue the finance in the shortest imaginable time.So if you are in need of some quick money,then this concern is the best one for you to approach and get loans quickly!So start now and cope up all your financial needs.
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Bioshock,Super Mario,Orange Box tops among other titles!

An competition which was held to choose the best titles among various platforms such as PC,Xbox 360,Wii was held at Las Vegas.In that,The Orange Box ,Bioshock,Super Mario Galaxy and Ratchet and Clank was selected as the best titles for the PC,Xbox 360,Wii and PS3 respectively.In addition Call Of Duty 4:Modern Warfare has been chosen as the best Shooting game and Halo 3 got the title of the "most addictive" and "best multiplayer" game.Crysis has been selected as the best graphic content game and Colin McRae: DiRT bags the title of best racing game.With the games reaching an whole new level,the expectation of the games keeps on increasing which adds as an fuel to produce more attractive games.

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Furniture heaven

If you are moving into an new house or planning to modernize your house,then adding some new furnitures is the best way to give your home an new feel.If you plan to purchase new furnitures,then is the best place for you to get great modern Furniture.You can opt for Bed,Living Room Furniture,sofa loveseat,benches cabinets and many more.All these furnitures are made from excellent high quality wood and are guaranteed to last for an long time.They have some of the largest collection of furnitures on the internet and are open for internet orders.Furnitures can be got at discounted prices and they also provide fast shipping that allows you to get the product soon.So order your favorite furniture right away and modernize your home.

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iXtreme V1.4 released for all drives!

Today the iXtreme V1.4 firmware was released for all the Dvd drives except v78/79 hitachi which will be released shortly.The releaser claims that the recent banning wave that took place could have been due to the Challenge/Response timer.When backed up games are played online,games that was ripped with kreon drives combined with iXtreme would produce an value which should be less that 360.In the earlier case this was to produce exactly 360,so this serves as an way of detecting that this is an backed up game.Now the new firmware would get the values and wrap it under 360,hence would make it undetectable for the Microsoft.Though steps are being taken to make it as guanine as possible,still there is an risk of banning!

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Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player for $299

The much viewed Samsung's BD-P1400 Blu-ray player which started at an whooping sum of $550 at the arrival and was reduced to $499 in the month of August is now on sale for just an sum of $299 at Amazon.One of the factors that could have brought down the price is the new urge for the High definition formats that is being released for all the movies.The battle between the two HD formats still continues and still now there is no clear winner,as equal force is being applied on by both the sides.If you purchase the player,you get some free movies too!

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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wedding bells for Larry Page

Larry Page who is one of the founder of one of the most widely used search engine,the google is going to marry his girlfriend Lucy Southworth on an private Island in the Caribbean.Many of the top VIP's from big background are expected for the wedding.The bride herself has an doctoral from the Stanford University.The wedding is expected to take place this week.

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Friday, December 07, 2007

Apple threatens iPhone Retailers at Singapore

The number of unlocked iPhones thats being sold is increasing by thousands.The unlocking of the iPhone allows you to use any simcard on the iPhone.In the past few months the amount of unlocked phones that has been sold in the Singapore has been quite increasing.So in the note of this,the apple has given an severe warning to all the retailers in Singapore to close out all the unlocked iPhone sales or they will be legally handled!

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Xbox 360 Update creates wonders!!

The much expected Microsoft Xbox360 update was let out on December 5th.The users were given an choice to choose whether to update their consoles or not.Those who have updated said that the update is quite effective works excellent.The dashboard now loads faster and sources confirms an 1005 compatibility with the Divx videos.Still there is not much news about what happened to those consoles which were flashed!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Free Online Dating

Friendstation is one of the friendliest free online dating service that offers free chat and is the best place to meet friends online. This friendly dating site is a place to interact and lucky people end up finding up their perfect life partner. They also have blogging and surveys that are quite interesting when browsing around.So make use of this service to the fullest and have a good time dating!!

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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

The much expected Firmware update of the Microsoft's Xbox 360 will be available on December 4th.The new update will fix several of the flaws and will add an interesting feature,that is the new feature will allow your 360 to play .avi videos and divx videos.This is a great move taken by the software giant because the internet is dominated by the movies available in this format.There are some news that the update will also allow you to play h 264 codec also.

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Search for cheap HDTV

In this modern electronics driven world,people have started purchasing high definition TV's such as the toshiba HDTV instead of an normal Flat Tv's.The main reason for these is the great reduction in the price f these tv's due to the demand and the awareness created among the people to go for the best.From an survey it has been noted that major fraction of the people like to purchase their appliances by going straight to the retailers instead of purchasing them online.The main reason for this is that,they get a chance to view several products side by side and compare them and then make a is an excellent local shop search engine that delivers related results.You can use this service to search for the local retailers who offers products at discounted prices.Start using the service and get appliances at lowest rates.

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