Sunday, November 19, 2006

Vista Launch Date Announced

Windows on Wednesday announced that their new operating system, Windows Vista, will be released on 30 November 2006, reports "The New York Times". Vista will, however, only be available to businesses at first. The consumer version will be available to the mainstream public in January 2007. The exact release date is rumored to be 30 January, according to iTWire.

The November release of Vista — "the first new release of a Windows operating system since 2001" , has been dubbed a "worldwide release", which will also include the launch of the new Office 2007 and Exchange Server 2007 software. Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, will attend the US launch at the Nasdaq stock exchange and Marriott Marquis in Manhattan, New York.
Microsoft originally intended to release Windows Vista before the end of this year, but then in March of this year announced a delay of the consumer version until January 2007.


Monday, November 13, 2006

SanDisk Unveils 32-Gigabyte Solid State Drive!!

SanDisk introduced a 32-gigabyte (GB)a, 1.8-inch solid state drive (SSD) as a drop-in replacement for the standard mechanical hard disk drive. Initially aimed at enterprise users as the first step toward mass consumer adoption, SanDisk SSD offers field-proven durability to keep mobile PCs working in the toughest of conditions and improves the overall user experience.Previously, large capacity flash-based drives had been used primarily by the military, aerospace and telecom industries, which demanded high performance and reliability under challenging environmental conditions. But now the declining cost of NAND flash memory has made SSD a viable and economically attractive alternative to existing technologies in a wider variety of applications, including mobile PCs aimed at enterprise and consumer users.
Using NAND flash enhanced by SanDisk’s patented TrueFFS flash management technology, SanDisk SSD delivers two million hours mean time between failures (MTBF). With no moving parts, it does not need to spin into action or seek files in the way that conventional hard disk drives do. These characteristics, combined with SanDisk's advanced flash management technology, make it possible for SanDisk SSD to deliver excellent performance compared with hard disk drives and competing solid state drives.
SanDisk SSD 1.8-inch 32GB solid state drive is now available for original equipment manufacturers. It is the first in a range of solutions that SanDisk will be offering to bring flash to the mainstream mobile PC market.

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