Monday, April 28, 2008

Christian Cruise

Take a Christian Cruise in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. Discover for yourself the Mediterranean settings and amphitheatre where Paul spoke to the Ephesians. Sail on a 4-masted “tall ship” with all the activities and amenities found on a private yacht.

This cruise includes bible teaching on board and on shore, a day at sea for fellowship and teachings. You will also be able to watch the crew as they hoist the sails and enjoy navigation sessions with the Captain. Ports of call include Athens, Patmos, Ephesus and Pergamum and Santorini.

Here are a few detail, but of course you will want to visit Christian Cruises for more.

The cruise package includes:

  • All meals aboard ship
  • Study guides
  • Onboard teachings, music, devotionals
  • Unlimited non motorized water sports right off the back of the ship!
  • Bible based study tours will be offered in Athens, Ephesus, Patmos, Pergamon and Corinth!

Christian Cruise w/ Bible Explorer Bob Cornuke and other Great Bible Teachers
July 18– 26, 2008 on Star Clipper’s SPV Star Clipper.There is a Post-trip excursion where you can continue your Christian Cruise onto Malta to see where Paul lived and view boat anchors and such discovered by local divers. July 26- July 30, 2008

Ram upgrades

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Online Jewelry Store

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Improve look of your website!

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Debt Collection

Debt collection is one of the most challenging task as of today.You work very hard to make money and guess what ? upto 50% of it is spent at the collecting agencies and you save only the remaining amount.The biggest challenge in todays life is to save the maximum amount and to do this there are a lot of agencies that can help you,but not all are good.American Profit Recovery is one such service that deals with Debt Collection but saves you more money than any other services that exist in this field.They have researched the market a lot and have come up with a proven debt collection solution that works with all the people at whatever field they may be in.This technique developed by them gives a benefit of third party collections for a low fee and thus allows you to save more money.The people at the APR are highly trained professionals who will analyze your case throughly and provide you with a clear working solution so you get the maximum juice.You can ask them instantly by filling a small form on their home page and a expert will get back to you immediately.So start now and use this service and save a lot of money.

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Make your computer run faster!

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