Saturday, November 10, 2007

Rumor:BSNL to launch 8Mbps by Jan 1st

Well this may be India's first step in competing with other countries broadband speeds.There is an rumor that the India's largest broadband network,BSNL is going to upgrade all the current 2Mbps connection to 8Mbps by Jan 1st.This rumor has been there for quite an while but now it may be quite true.It is also expected that the existing 2Mbps users will get an auto upgrade to 8Mbps and 256kbps unlimited users will get an free auto upgrade to 2Mbps.If this is said to happen,it will be India's first step in competing with the broadband speeds of the other nations.News from trusted source.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanxx for confirming

2:15 PM 
Blogger mvs said...

well , you have put rumor in the
title itself - so I cannot write
rude comment here . Let me say
that it will be just a rumor until
BSNL officially announces this ...

Remember , BSNL is providing upto
2 mbps speed . it is not yet a true
2 mbps ! technical feasibility is
a big condition .

12:05 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that will be great but they should give atleast 2mbps stable.

1:03 PM 
Blogger SIDDHARTH said...

people living in cities are getting speeds close to 2mbps,and not to forget the fact that BSNL have laid optic lines all over the country.So it is feasible for such speeds,unlike Airtel who just has an copperwire cable.i think this rumor may be true.Its time that holds the answers!

1:16 PM 
Blogger tamal said...

I just pray that BSNL will announce something positive for the 256Kbps UL users.

9:41 PM 
Blogger SIDDHARTH said...


same here! :)

8:10 AM 
Anonymous Sujoy said...

wow 8mbps would be great.......hopefully they wont increase the price too much if and when they do make the 8mbps jump

9:22 PM 
Anonymous Ashok said...

BSNL is giving 2 mbps and they are pretty much good than other ISPs now in India. I hope they will deliver this

8:38 AM 
Anonymous Aman said...

Man is that really...r they providing speed for home UL900 to 2mbps..if thats right then i will just say "BSNL ROCKS"

12:37 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm 2009 about to end and still no 8 mbps home plan...phew a bold romur for 2007...hope its sometime around 2010

8:04 PM 

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